Lean warehouses are better. Lean Inc. provides training, consulting, accessories, and equipment to support lean and efficient warehouse operations.

Lean Warehouse Consulting

A lean warehouse is a warehouse that is designed and operated to minimize waste and increase efficiency. Some of the benefits of a lean warehouse include:

  1. Reduced waste: By eliminating unnecessary steps in the warehouse process, a lean warehouse reduces waste and improves efficiency.
  2. Improved productivity: A lean warehouse streamlines the workflow, reduces cycle times, and increases productivity.
  3. Increased accuracy: A lean warehouse reduces the risk of errors, such as picking the wrong item, which can improve customer satisfaction and reduce returns.
  4. Lower costs: By reducing waste and increasing efficiency, a lean warehouse can lower costs, such as labor costs, inventory costs, and storage costs.
  5. Better inventory control: A lean warehouse can improve inventory control by reducing excess inventory and ensuring that inventory is used efficiently.
  6. Faster turnaround time: A lean warehouse can speed up the process of receiving, storing, and shipping products, which can lead to faster turnaround times for orders.
  7. Improved safety: By eliminating unnecessary movement and improving processes, a lean warehouse can improve safety by reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.

Overall, a lean warehouse can help businesses increase efficiency, reduce waste, and lower costs, leading to improved profitability and customer satisfaction.

Lean Inc Warehouse Products Catalog 2023

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2023 Lean Inc Catalog
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  • Document Display Products
  • Floor Marking Products
  • Impact Protection Products
  • Warehouse Recycling

Lean Warehouse Consulting

Lean Inc. provides warehouse consulting services specialized in helping companies optimize their warehouse operations through the implementation of lean principles. Lean Inc. works with companies to identify areas for improvement in their warehouse operations, and then develop and implement strategies to reduce waste, improve productivity, and increase efficiency.

Some of the services provided by Lean Inc. include:

  1. Process mapping: Mapping out the current processes and workflows in a warehouse to identify areas for improvement.
  2. Lean assessments: Conducting assessments to identify opportunities for improvement and develop action plans.
  3. Inventory management: Helping companies improve their inventory control by implementing systems to manage inventory more efficiently.
  4. Warehouse layout and design: Redesigning warehouse layouts to maximize space and minimize waste.
  5. Materials handling optimization: Evaluating materials handling equipment and systems to identify opportunities for improvement.
  6. Training and education: Providing training and education to warehouse employees to ensure that they understand lean principles and are able to implement them effectively.

The goal of Lean Inc.’s warehouse consulting is to help companies improve their warehouse operations by reducing waste and increasing efficiency. This can lead to increased profitability, improved customer satisfaction, and a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Everything in its place

At Lean Inc, we take a unique approach. We follow the principles of Toyota Lean Management. Our intention is to never add cost without also adding value.

Lean Management

By following Taichi Ohno’s teachings (the founder of TOYOTA Lean Management and TPS), you can count on us to source for you the very best in the products and services we provide.

At Lean Inc. we provide the products and services that help resource-constrained, productivity-focused companies excel in an ever increasingly competitive marketplace.

Material Handling Sales Training

Your Sales team is walking past sales opportunities in order to make a quick sale. They are opening a catalog and selling products out of it instead of learning your customer’s business challenges and partnering with the end user to find a comprehensive solution.

The reason your sales team does this is because the do not fully understand how a distribution center works, what challenges the warehouse manager is facing, and cannot ask the questions that open up new sales opportunities.

By understanding the challenges the DC manager faces, you can better help your customers and become an unrivaled resource to him or her.

How to design a lean warehouse from scratch

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