Lean Inc is. a privately owned California-based company, headquartered in Anaheim, that operates the website https://LeanMH.com and has been in business since 2019. Lean Inc. is the parent company that also operates these other web properties: https://www.warehouseiq.com and https://store.warehouseiq.com as well as https://palletrackguru.com and https://h2iq.org

Lean Inc.’s primary business is wholesaling unique products and accessories for the warehousing and distribution industry. Working through distributors, we supply rack protection, refuse segregation, dock covers, rack-relocation equipment, and lean visual management tools to warehouses looking to become more efficient, productive, and safe.

The dealers and integrators Lean Inc. works with focus on racking and material handling equipment. These may be large rack supply companies, forklift dealers, or janitorial supply companies. Lean Inc. has a full line catalog of Lean Warehousing products to support lean warehouse management. To learn how to become a distributor, please visit our become a distributor page.

Lean Inc. also provides consulting services to large companies looking to become more efficient in their warehousing operations. Lean Inc. gathers the powered industrial truck (PIT) data, analyzes the fleet, reviews the operating environment for profit leaks and possible new efficiencies, analyzes the best power source for the MHE fleet, prepares RFPs, analyzes the responses, and makes recommendations, all through a data-driven process.

Lean Inc. provides Material Handling training to forklift dealer personnel. Our training is a 10-session course designed to help sales professionals understand the warehousing and distribution industry and provide value-added insights to assist their customer become more lean, efficient, productive and safe.