Here are our top sellers and popular warehouse products that Lean Inc. sells in the U.S., Canadian and Mexican markets. You can also download our catalog (PDF).

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rack armour upright protectors
Rack Armour
Upright Protectors
safety-themed floor signage
Safety-themed floor signage from Beaverswood
modulean 5s lean rack end boards
Modulean 5S Lean Rack-End Boards
rack sack
Rack Sack
Trash Segregation Bags
Racksack Mini
Racksack Mini workstation waste bag
Pallet Position Floor Markers for the Warehouse
Pallet Position Floor Markers for the Warehouse
dock gap guard
Dock Gap Guard comes in pairs to cover gaps in OTR docks
Frames4Docs 5S Lean Document Display Frames
gondola skate move rack
Gondola Skate rack relocation system (rental)

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This is just a sampling of the bestselling products yuo can sell as our distributor.
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