Calculate Storage Capacity of a Warehouse

Calculate Storage Capacity of a Warehouse
Calculate Storage Capacity of a Warehouse

If you are looking to calculate the storage capacity of a warehouse, you have come to the right place.

Input Data to Calculate Pallet Storage Capacity

You will need to know a few variables: Warehouse area using length x width, the dimensions of your pallet load using length x width, the number of pallets to be placed on each beam level, the number of beam levels, the spacing between pallets, the number of pallets deep you are looking to store (usually one deep), the number of levels in the racking, and the clear aisle dimension.

Knowing all of these, you will be able to calculate storage capacity of a warehouse and estimate the rough number of pallets you can store in the space available. The calculator cannot account for tunnel bays or pallet storage lost to warehouse columns.

Please be careful when basing decisions on the above numbers. These calculations are presented for estimation purposes only. The information is limited to the quality and veracity of the information entered. The calculator is web-based and is reliant on variables outside of our control. Therefore, we offer this calculator for entertainment purposes only.

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