Wondering what is the static capacity of the beams in your racking? Usually, this information is documented on your rack permit, but if that information is not readily available, you can use this handy estimator to approximate the capacity of the beam based on the height of the beam (top to bottom of the beam), and its length (from frame to frame).

To determine your beam capacity, we have provided you capacities for two gauges, 16ga and 14ga. The majority of the beams are made from the lighter gauge steel, 16ga. When in doubt, use the lower capacity and lighter gauge steel estimate.

Finally, the way you can know the weight capacity of any pair of beams is to ask the manufacturer. Because beams do not usually have identifying marks of the part number, the manufacturers’ rep would likely just measure the height of the beam and give you an estimate of the beam capacity using similar information to what we have provided here.

Of course, to be certain, contact the manufacturer and ask for beam capacities in writing.

Beam capacity and rack capacities are different. In a seismic zone, the capacity of the racking depends on a number of factors including: frame capacity, baseplate size, anchors, slab thickness, seismic zone, etc. Speak to us if you need guidance.

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NOTE: If your beam, when measured from the middle of the beam to the ground shows a deflection (meaning it sags) of more than half an inch, something is wrong. It may be that your pallets are too heavy or your beams are not high-capacity enough. Call an expert for guidance, or fill out the contact form on this page for professional help.

If your beam shows cracks in any of the weldments or has had its shape deformed due to an impact by a forklift, your beam needs to be replaced. Contact us for help.

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