Calculate the cost per pallet stored. Calculating the cost per pallet stored is an excellent way to determine how lean your warehouse is. A lean warehouse uses the techniques of Lean Management but also uses an efficient storage design to increase the storage density of a warehouse and reduce the cost per pallet stored. You can use this calculator to run scenarios to see how many more pallets you need to store in order to achieve a certain cost per pallet stored.

Lowering the Cost to Store a Pallet

There are multiple ways to lower the cost per pallet stored. Below we will identify how to lower the expense of storing pallets and then provide links to other calculators and resources to help increase the efficiency of your warehouse. Scroll past the storage cost calculator for tips and best practices.

Calculate the cost per pallet stored

To calculate the cost per pallet stored, you will need to know or be able to calculate the square footage of your warehouse. Estimate the the length x width of the storage area by measuring from warehouse column to warehouse column, then count the column bays to estimate distance. The other way is to order a laser measuring tool here.

Lean Warehouse

With the knowledge of the cost per pallet stored, you can now look for ways to achieve a lean warehouse and to increase warehouse storage capacity using our handy free storage capacity estimator. The calculator takes the length and width of a storage area and provides an estimate of the number of pallets you can store in the area based on the aisle width required by lift truck type. Very Narrow Aisle lift trucks have a smaller aisle dimension and therefore can store significantly more pallets than a Wide Aisle truck like a sitdown counterbalanced forklift truck.

Narrow Your Warehouse Aisles


Once you have identified the cost to store pallets, and you have set a goal to increase storage capacity in your warehouse, one option will have emerged as a best practice to increase warehouse storage capacity and storage efficiency: Narrow your warehouse aisles. To determine what aisle dimension you will narrow your aisle to, use this handy calculator to estimate pallets storage increase by lift truck and aisle dimensions.

At this point you will have identified your pallet storage goals and the aisle dimension you want to narrow your warehouse aisles to. To move racking within a warehouse you have two options: disassemble and reassemble the racking (this is expensive), or pick it up and moving it using the GondolaSkate rack relocation system.

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