Introduction to Doosan Bobcat BR20SP-7

Looking to calculate the minimum aisle requirement for the Doosan Bobcat BR18SP-7 or the BR20SP-7 Reach Truck? Below, we have provided for you a simple but powerful calculator to take the guesswork out of calculating the aisle requirements. Of course, measure twice and cut once; be sure to check with your Doosan Bobcat sales representative to confirm the aisle dimensions in writing prior to laying our your racking system. This calculator is intended to support warehouse design, but we do not take responsibility for maneuverability of the Doosan Bobcat reach truck working in your aisles.

Reach Truck Aisle
Reach Truck Aisle – Narrow Aisle

The Doosan Bobcat Reach Truck is engineered to elevate the efficiency and productivity of warehouse operations. This section delves into the technical prowess and features that make this reach truck a valuable asset in a lean warehousing environment.

Doosan Bobcat Reach Truck Aisle Dimension Calculator

Use the calculator below to calculate the aisle requirement for the BR20SP-7 and the BR18SP-7.

Comprehensive Feature Set

The BR20SP-7 and the BR18SP-7 reach trucks come equipped with a Multifunction Control Handle, allowing for intuitive control and maneuverability. The AC Drive, Steer, and Pump Motors are designed for consistent performance, while the Auto Deceleration and Auto Centering Drive Tire enhance precision during operation.

Key features such as the Hydraulic Cushioned Mast and Reach Cylinders afford operators a smooth experience when handling loads. The Automatic Tilt Leveling aids in the careful handling of goods, and the Fork Camera with Monitor Mount provides a visual aid for precise load management.

Detailed Operating Specifications

The BR20SP-7 is crafted with narrow-aisle compatibility in mind, promoting efficient use of warehouse space. Its design and handling capabilities make it suitable for various storage configurations, accommodating the diverse needs of warehouse facilities.

Warranty and Reliability

Doosan Bobcat offers a Standard 1 Year / 2,000 Hour warranty, along with a Powertrain 2 Year / 4,000 Hour warranty, reflecting the brand’s confidence in the durability of the BR20SP-7 Reach Truck.

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