Racksack nano

The Racksack Nano provides a practical waste management solution for warehouse vehicle operators. This compact trash sack has an easy-release bungee cord and reinforced grommets for secure attachment to forklifts and pallet jacks. Ideal for stowing shrinkwrap, plastic strapping, paper, and other trash accumulated as vehicle operators do their jobs.

Here are five reasons why the Racksack Nano is ideal for warehouse applications:

1. Efficient Waste Management: The Racksack Nano enables forklift and pallet jack operators to collect and separate trash on the go conveniently. The velcro closures on the opening secure waste and allow for quick and easy emptying at designated disposal areas. This streamlines the waste management process, enhancing efficiency and promoting a clean working environment.

2. Versatile Trash Sorting: The Racksack Nano’s design options cover common types of waste accumulated by forklift and pallet jack operators (e.g., plastic strapping). This includes text and symbol-only styles for general waste, plastic, and mixed paper and card. A blank option can also be used as is or customized to include personalized designs, special prints, logos, etc. (Available on request).

The Racksack Nano’s versatility facilitates proper waste disposal practices, making it easier to recycle and manage waste streams effectively.

Racksack design options

3. Improved Safety: Provisioning waste management on forklifts and pallet jacks contributes to a safer work environment by minimizing debris and obstacles on the warehouse floor.

For example, vehicle operators often accumulate shrink wrap from pallets throughout their shift. The plastic can fall onto the floor, get picked up by the machine and bind the motors. This can cause severe damage that is expensive to fix. Workers can also slip on the shrink wrap, leading to injuries or damage to merchandise and equipment. The Racksack Nano keeps trash securely contained, reducing the risk of debris interfering with the vehicle’s operation or causing hazards for workers.

4. Time and Labor Savings: Incorporating the Racksack Nano into waste collection processes can save time and labor. Forklift and pallet jack operators no longer need to make frequent trips to designated waste areas. Collecting and storing trash directly on the vehicle minimizes disruptions to workflow and reduces hazards that can accrue additional costs (e.g., the cost to repair a motor bound by plastic strapping).

5. Environmental Sustainability: The Racksack Nano supports sustainability efforts by facilitating proper waste separation and recycling. Solid waste generation is a growing global problem, and improper disposal is a major culprit. It is essential that facilities producing large amounts of trash, like warehouses, prioritize proper waste disposal practices.

A significant portion of that warehouse waste is recyclable. However, when trash separation systems are not communicated or accessible to workers, much of the recyclables end up in landfills. The Racksack Nano (and other Racksack products) simplifies trash separation with its clear labeling, easy installation, and durable and reusable design. Effective sorting minimizes improper disposal, conserves resources, and reduces the ecological impact of warehouse operations.

The Racksack Nano is ideal for waste collection on forklifts and pallet jacks. The compact trash bag provides efficient waste management, versatile sorting options, enhanced safety, and time and labor savings. It also supports environmental sustainability by supporting proper disposal and reducing solid waste generation. This improves waste management practices, promotes a cleaner and safer work environment, and contributes to a more sustainable future.


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