Fix Slow Internet with a Wired Home Network

Convert Phone Jacks to Network Cat-6 Plugs

How do you fix a slow internet connection?

It starts with a complaint: the internet is slow. Yesterday it was fine. In the morning it was fine. But now, the Zoom meeting is jittery and web pages load way to slowly.

how to fix slow internet
Internet speeds in Fullerton, California before upgrading the phone network to network Cat-6 jacks

You have asked everyone to stop using the internet at certain times of the day so that you can get your work done, and still it doesn’t improve.

Internet Problem

So you Google “Internet Problem” and “How to fix slow internet”, looking for a way to fix your flaky internet connection. Then one day, a card shows up in your mailbox saying you can fix your home internet by upgrading your phone network to a computer network, and now you want more detail.

how to change the phone jacks to network plugs

The Communications Panel in your Home

If your home was built in the last 20 years or so, you will have a communications wiring panel in one of the bedrooms. It looks like a metal cover to a heating vent.

Behind this panel is where the phone wires connect to each other.

Before: Phone Jacks for connecting phones to the phone network

The phone jacks look similar to network jacks, but they have a smaller head.

Phone jack
This is the type of phone jack connection in most homes. It is made for connecting home phones, which few people use today.

Network jacks with up to 10 drops per home

But what if you could replace each of these jacks with network cable plugs and then attach a network switch to it so that you lightning fast internet connections at every desk and in every bedroom around the house?

Then the plugs would look like this.

Network ready wiring, replacing the phone jacks. Now you can plug your network cable into the wall and get super-fast internet without ceilings, doors and walls slowing your connection down.

With the plugs being rewired, and the addition of a network switch, you can plug your computers into the wall and surf the net at speeds previously only dreamt of.

Super fast internet using a wired connection
Internet speeds after converting to hard-wired home network and Cat-5 network jacks, in Fullerton, California.

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