Will the forklift work on the ramp? Does the forklift have enough under-clearance? Will the top of the ramp contact the underside of the forklift? This calculator will help you understand your forklift operation on your ramp.

Calculate Forklift Operation on Ramp

Using this calculator, you will be able to determine if the forklift can operate on your ramp.

Is your ramp long enough?

Does your forklift have enough underclearance?

This calculator will help you decide if you can use your forklift on your ramp.

Ensuring Safe Operations: Calculating Grade Clearance for Lift Trucks on Ramps

For warehouse managers, the safety and efficiency of lift truck operations are paramount, especially when navigating the complexities of working on ramps. Understanding the grade clearance is not just about compliance; it’s about ensuring the smooth flow of operations and the well-being of your staff. In this post, we’ll delve into the essential calculations that determine if a forklift or reach truck can safely operate on a ramp.

The Importance of Grade Clearance

Grade clearance refers to the minimum distance between the lowest point of your lift truck and the ramp surface. Insufficient clearance can result in equipment damage, product loss, or even worker injury. It’s crucial to know the specifics before your trucks take on the inclines.

Calculating Grade Clearance

To determine if your lift truck can handle a particular ramp, you need to consider three key factors: the grade of the ramp, the underclearance of the truck, and the wheelbase of the truck. A precise calculation will give you the confidence to operate on ramps without the risk of undercarriage impacts.

Introducing the Grade Clearance Calculator

Lean Inc. provides an easy-to-use calculator that simplifies this complex calculation. By inputting the ramp’s grade, your truck’s underclearance, and wheelbase, you can quickly assess whether there’s enough clearance for safe operations.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using the Calculator

Follow these steps to ensure your lift trucks are ramp-ready:

  1. Measure the ramp’s grade (incline angle).
  2. Check the underclearance specification of your lift truck.
  3. Know the wheelbase length of your truck.
  4. Input these values into the Grade Clearance Calculator.
  5. Receive instant feedback on grade clearance suitability.

Best Practices for Ramp Operations

Beyond grade clearance, consider these tips for optimal safety and efficiency:

  • Train your operators on ramp-specific handling.
  • Regularly inspect ramps for wear and tear.
  • Ensure load stability before ascent or descent.
  • Adhere to recommended speed limits on inclines.


Grade clearance calculations are a critical aspect of warehouse safety. With Lean Inc.’s Grade Clearance Calculator, you can make informed decisions that keep your operations running smoothly. For more insights and solutions for lean warehousing, visit our consulting page and product offerings. And remember, “Lean warehouses are better.”

If you’re looking to enhance your warehouse operations, contact Lean Inc. and learn more about our products and services. Let’s work together to reduce waste, improve productivity, and optimize your warehouse for success.

RAMP CLEARANCE CALCULATOR - calculate whether a forklift can operate on a ramp

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