Unloading containers (a.k.a. lumper service) is hard work. It is fraught with liability and productivity concerns. Very few companies manage this part of the business well, until now.

Our receiving operation yields proven results in efficiency, accuracy, and productivity. That is because we provide our team members with the right amount of incentives, training and on-site management to get the job done quickly and often at a lower cost.

Lowering labor costs by using a freight unloading service is part of the Lean Warehouse management approach to warehousing and distribution.

lumping service - unloading containers onto a pallet
Industry leading program in deals with damage management, documentation, and reporting process. Designed to minimize the complications with damage claims, with proven results
Warehouse worker pushing a full pallet using a pallet jack
Fundamental knowledge and compliance with O.S.H.A. regulations and requirements. Daily practice of preventative caution and preferred work methods
Picking products onto pallets - assembling orders
Dedicated on-site manager(s), ensure our ability to respond to any situation in a timely manner. We provide accountability for all of our activities on and off the dock
Warehouse working pushing a hand pallet truck into an empty pallet
Our on-site manager(s) are fully trained. This ensures focus on every small detail. Your dock will be clean during and after the unloading process. All doors will be closed upon completion of a load, etc

Lumping Services are offered Nationwide

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Assembled palletized orders - Pallet stacked neatly ready for shipping
Pallets stacked neatly and ready to be shipped.

Our current freight unloading customers include the largest 3PL and grocery companies. Our lumper service rates are very competitive and our service quality is exceptional.

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