One of the ways to increase storage capacity in warehouses is to narrow the warehouse

Calculate Pallet Stored Based on Lift Truck Type and Square Footage

One of the ways to increase storage capacity in warehouses is to narrow the warehouse aisles. This means changing the style of lift truck from a forklift that uses a wider aisle to a lift truck that uses a narrow aisle, like a reach truck, or a very narrow aisle, like a turret truck.

If you are asking yourself, “How can I increase storage capacity in the warehouse”, this page will help you answer that question.

Warehouse Aisle Space Calculator

Warehouse professionals often ask, “If I were to narrow the aisles, how many more pallets can I fit in the warehouse?” This is a difficult question to answer without a warehouse plan and working it out on paper – until now.

Introducing our warehouse capacity calculator. It takes the cubic storage space available based on the lift truck used and the corresponding aisle width needed. Using different aisle widths, it calculates how many pallets you can fit in a given space.

You will need to know these data points:

  • Length x width x height of the pallet stored
  • Clear height of the building
  • Length and width of the storage area
  • Type of lift truck being used to store and retrieve pallets

Pallet Storage Calculator – how to increase storage capacity in warehouse

This handy calculator will help you evaluate storage methods using various lift truck and aisle widths.

We have used the following standard aisle widths for the comparison:

  • Sitdown forklift – 144″ (12 ft) aisle
  • Stand-up counterbalanced forklifts – 132″ (11 ft) aisle
    • If you have a 3-wheel sitdown forlift, use this truck selection for the appropriate aisle width
  • Reach Truck – 102″ (8.5 ft) aisle
  • Turret truck, wire guided – 66″ (5.5 ft) aisle
  • Deep Reach, with double deep storage – 120″ (10 ft) aisle

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: This is for entertainment purposes only. For a complete and thorough analysis, fill out the contact form on the right hand side. We will get back to you to perform a full site survey and review of your operating criteria.


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Observations and Limitations

By using this calculator, you can make a few observations:

  • By changing the lift truck used and the corresponding aisle size gets narrower, the number of pallets stored increases.
  • Increasing the clear height to allow for another storage level increases.
    • this will help you evaluate various different warehouse spaces available.
    • warehouses with a greater clear height offer more cubic storage capacity.
    • therefore, a warehouse with a slight higher ceiling may be a better choice over a lower ceiling warehouse.
  • Changing the pallet heights changes the number of levels you can store in the warehouse.
  • The calculator also calculates square footage of a storage area for you
  • This calculator does not take into account the limitations of the forklift’s lifting height. If you tell the calculator that the clear height is 40 feet, it will assume your sitdown forklift can lift that high, which is unlikely.
  • It does not account for high pile storage maximum storage height. If your sprinkler system requires 3 ft from the sprinkler head to the top of load, deduct this space from the clear height of warehouse data point.

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