Broadcast marketing is advertising, newsletters, and billboards. It works for building the brand. Salespeople need and want a strong brand, but what they really care about is LEADS.

In Sales, narrowcast marketing is what counts.

What is narrowcast marketing?

Narrowcast marketing is one-to-one communications. It is picking up the phone and having a conversation in which you listen for opportunities. It is sending a carefully crafted email or a message through LinkedIn.

Follow these LinkedIn narrowcast best practices to generate leads:

  1. Search for and view up to 100 new targeted contacts in your APR every day
  2. Make connection requests to up to 30 decision-makers every day
  3. Send new connections a request for them to follow your company page
  4. Send birthday wishes, work anniversary greetings, and new job greetings daily
  5. Endorse your new contacts for the top 3 skills and talents they have
  6. Send up to 50 messages polling for interest in the various products and services your company offers
  7. Send emails to your LinkedIn contacts’ email address and attach brochures

Engage in these best practices every day. If you need help doing this daily, speak to us about performing the narrowcast marketing process for you. The Sales professional only needs to respond to LinkedIn messages when a customer requests a proposal. No software to run, no configuration.

Want to Learn More?

If you are curious about how we would tailor a narrowcast marketing solution for you or your Sales professional and you are ready to meet, click the link below.

Lean Lead Generation

Set a time with us that works for you to review what we do, and how we do it, and see if there is a fit.

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