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Lean Inc. provides consulting services in order to assist businesses in assessing their material handling current-state and consult on future-state RFQ (request for quotation) preparedness as well as operational optimization.

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Evaluating Material Handling Equipment and Warehouse Racking Needs: The Role of Lean Warehouse Consulting Services

Efficient and effective material handling is crucial for any warehouse or distribution center. One key aspect of optimizing material handling operations is the selection and evaluation of appropriate warehouse racking systems working with the best powered industrial trucks, such as forklifts, narrow-aisle lift trucks, and pallet trucks. To ensure that businesses make informed decisions regarding their racking needs, Lean Inc. consulting services specializing in evaluating material handling equipment play a vital role. Below, we describe the value and importance of our lean consulting services in assessing warehouse material handling equipment and racking needs.

The Material Handling Equipment Problem for Many Businesses

The challenge many businesses have is the cost of operating their warehouses and distribution centers and not having a clear understanding how to reduce the operating expense and it pertains to material handling equipment (MHE).

Material handling equipment is made up of storage media (space) and powered industrial equipment (PIT). Both contribute the expenses of running a business. Here is a list of common challenges in a warehouse or distribution center:

  • Short-term rental equipment brought in to support a short term need that never gets returned
  • Maintenance expenses that are not measured and evaluated regularly
  • Too much PIT for the workload
  • Too much preventative maintenance for the hours the PIT is being used
  • Inefficient storage media – too many aisles for the number of SKUs being stored
  • Fuel expense is too high
  • Inefficient battery charging practices
  • Battery rooms take up valuable real estate
  • Equipment is over spec’d with capacities greatly exceeding the weights of the loads being carried
  • High value equipment being used for simple tasks that can be accomplished using less expensive PIT
  • Not evaluating the best financing options prior to purchasing a forklift

Expertise and Industry Knowledge – Lean Warehouse Racking Design

Our Lean warehouse consulting services offer a team of experts with extensive knowledge and experience in material handling equipment and warehouse operations. These professionals possess in-depth understanding of various racking systems, industry trends, and best practices. By engaging our services, businesses can tap into this expertise to accurately evaluate their material handling equipment and warehouse racking needs. Lean Inc. consultants can conduct thorough assessments of the facility’s layout, product characteristics, and material handling equipment requirements. Lean Inc. consultants consider factors such as fleet right-sizing, maintenance costs, fuel expense, alternate motive fuel options, battery charging strategies, correct load capacities, storage density, carbon emissions reduction strategies, and operational flow. Lean Inc.s’ experience, analysis tools, and expertise enables us to identify the most suitable racking solutions that maximize space utilization, enhance productivity, and promote safety.

Customized Solutions – Lean Warehouse Operations

Each warehouse has unique requirements and challenges, which necessitate tailored solutions. Lean Inc. consulting services specialize in providing customized recommendations based on the specific needs of a business. Our lean warehouse consultants analyze factors such as the type of products being stored, number of SKUs, the number of pallets, their dimensions, weight, and storage characteristics. By considering these variables, consultants can recommend the most appropriate racking systems, such as selective pallet racking, drive-in racking, or push-back racking. Furthermore, they consider future the labor efficiency of racking designs, growth projections and scalability requirements to ensure that the proposed solutions align with the business’s long-term objectives.

Cost Optimization – Lean Material Handling Systems Designs

Investing in the right warehouse material handling equipment (lift trucks) and racking systems involves balancing functionality with cost considerations. Lean Inc.’s consulting services assist businesses in optimizing costs by providing valuable insights into the total cost of ownership, including labor efficiency, productivity, equipment maintenance, and ongoing warehouse/distribution center operational expenses. They can perform cost-benefit analyses, comparing different racking options to determine the most cost-effective solutions. By considering factors such as initial investment, space utilization, space efficiency, labor requirements, and powered industrial truck (forklift) maintenance, Lean Inc.’s consultants help businesses make informed decisions that align with their budget constraints and financial goals.

Optimize Material Handling Fleet and Reduce Costs

Lean Inc. Consulting focuses on providing specialized advice to businesses seeking to enhance the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of their forklift operations. This type of consulting is particularly valuable for companies with multiple sites that grew out of a collection of different operating companies. Our consultants assess your current forklift fleet, including the number, type, and condition of the vehicles, and the efficiency of their deployment. They analyze aspects such as fuel consumption, maintenance schedules, operator training, and safety protocols. By identifying inefficiencies and recommending improvements, our experts can help streamline operations, reduce unnecessary expenses, and find ways to assist in lowering costs and increase productivity. This service is essential for businesses aiming to boost productivity in their warehousing and logistics operations while keeping a keen eye on the bottom line, ultimately contributing to a more profitable and sustainable business model.

Compliance and Safety Standards

Warehouse racking systems must comply with safety regulations to protect employees, products, and the facility itself. Lean Inc. consulting services have a comprehensive understanding of safety standards and guidelines specific to the material handling industry. They ensure that businesses remain compliant with local fire and planning regulations, reducing the risk of accidents and legal liabilities. Our lean warehouse consultants can identify potential safety hazards and propose solutions that mitigate risks, such as implementing safety accessories, traffic patterns, warehouse management software (WMS) integrating automated systems, or optimizing storage configurations to prevent overloading or product damage.

Lean Warehouse Consulting

Evaluating material handling equipment warehouse racking needs is a complex task that requires expertise and industry knowledge. Lean Inc.’s lean warehouse consulting services provide businesses with access to specialized knowledge, customized solutions, cost optimization strategies, and compliance with safety standards. By engaging these services, businesses can make well-informed decisions that enhance their material handling operations, optimize space utilization, improve productivity, and promote a safe working environment. In an increasingly competitive business landscape, leveraging consulting services is crucial for businesses seeking to stay ahead and achieve operational excellence in their warehouse operations.

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