Optimize Warehouse Space – Warehouse Efficiency Tools

You need to optimize your warehouse space, make your warehouse more efficient, and find a way to do more with the resources you already have.

If you need help to optimize your warehouse space, you have come to the right place. On this page you will find links to calculators and tools that will help you optimize the warehouse space you are already in. If you are more efficient with your space, you may be able to delay moving your warehouse.

Step 1 – How Efficient is your Warehouse? Measure Your Warehouse’s Space Efficiency – Optimize Warehouse Space

How Much Does it Cost to Store a Pallet? Optimize Warehouse Space

Calculating the cost per pallet stored is an excellent way to determine how lean your warehouse is. A lean warehouse uses the techniques of Lean Management but also uses an efficient storage design to increase the storage density of a warehouse and reduce the cost per pallet stored.

Step 2 – Narrow Warehouse Aisles to Increase Warehouse Pallet Storage Capacity – Optimize Warehouse Space


Someone has mentioned that you can store more pallets in your warehouse if you were to narrow your aisles. Sounds like a possibility, but before you do, you want to estimate how many more pallets you will be able to store in the warehouse when you narrow your aisles. What is the increase in warehouse storage capacity for each aisle width available. From wide forklift aisles to narrow aisles. to very narrow aisles, how many more pallets can you store in the space you already have?

We have a simpler warehouse space optimizer calculator here. You might find it easier to understand and use. To increase warehouse storage capacity, click here.

Step 3 – How Much Does it Cost to Move Racking in my Warehouse?


Now that you have calculated how many additional pallet spaces you can add to your warehouse by narrowing aisles, now you need to estimate the cost to relocate racking in your warehouse. This calculator will help you estimate a budget to move racking and re-anchor it to your warehouse floor.

Step 4 – My pallets are Getting Heavier, How Much Weight Can My Warehouse Racking Beams Support?


To estimate the static capacity of the beams in your warehouse, you can estimate the beam capacity here. If you want to buy warehouse racking beams, click here.

Step 5 – Hire Warehouse Labor – Lumper Service and Freight Unloading

3 warehouse workers moving boxes - lumper service
3rd party warehouse labor services

You have a warehouse and you are so busy that you need help either with general warehouse labor or with unloading containers, commonly called a Lumping Service.

Click here to calculate the cost to unload a container using a lumper service.