Essential Equipment: Pallet Jacks

Every warehouse needs hand pallet trucks. The key is to not overpay or underpay.

You want to pay enough to get quality that lasts, and not so much that you are paying for only a brand name painted over a generic pallet jack.

Invest in great quality at value prices.

Blue hand pallet jack

Quality Hand Pallet Truck

Almost all the hand pallet trucks sold on the market today are made in China. But not all hand pallet trucks are built the same.

Quality Hand Pallet Truck

Robotic Welded Hand Pallet Truck

Features and Benefits

  • M25 has 5500lbs capacity easily lifting the average grocery pallet weight of 1800lbs
  • 48″ long forks to fit a standard 48″ x 40″ pallet
  • 27″ overall width to fit into standard 40″ wide pallets
  • Lowered height of 2.95″ to fit into the 3.5″ opening on a 4.75″ tall GMA pallet
  • Forks raise to 7.5″ off the ground easily lifting the 4.75″ tall pallet off the ground with more than 3″ of additional clearance
  • AC Cast pump – means less leaking, better seal and better durability
  • Steel cast pump has more hydraulic oil making pumping action lighter and lower effort
  • >4mm thick steel forks means a more durable design
  • Auxilary fork tip wheel allows for easier pallet entry
  • Robotic welded chassis means you get a precision product at a lower manufactured cost
  • Reinforced forks means you get a stronger more durable pallet jack
  • Solid cast steel link rods mean the pallet jack is more durable
Close up view of the pumping mechanism of a hand pallet truck and wheels

Warranty Details

  • (36) months limited manufacturers warranty on : Frames, Forks, Platforms, and Handles of normal use as specified in its official instructions manual and capacity
  • (24) months limited manufacturers warranty on : Hydraulic Pumps, Rockers, and Push Rods
  • (3) months limited manufacturers warranty on: Wheels, Bearings, and Axles

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