If you are looking to estimate the price of pallet racking installed in a warehouse, this pallet racking estimator will help you calculate the price. The calculator will help you budget the price for warehouse racking. It helps you know the price for US made racking components and the price for installation.

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How Much is Warehouse Pallet Racking?

This is estimator is not meant as a firm pricing calculator or a guarantee of pricing. It is just design for warehouse managers and purchasing agents to gauge how much a project might cost.

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Before you get started, you will need to know a few things like how tall the upright frames need to be. Upright frames stand vertical and hold up the beams. You will also need to know how long the beams need to be. Beams are sit horizontal and support the weight of pallets evenly.

Typical Warehouse Designed to Store 750 Pallets with 11 Foot Aisles

This drawing is a reflection of the default data entered in the calculator. Refer to this drawing to understand how to use the rack pricing calculator.

You will notice in the above drawing that we show:

  • (4) rows of back-to-back racking
  • Each row has 16 bays
  • There are no single rows
  • The elevation shows 3 pallets high
  • We are including only (3) spacers per frame
  • We do not need wire mesh decks
  • We are storing (2) pallet per beam, (6) pallets per bay

Warehouse Racking Price – Calculate Here

Explanation of How We Calculated the Price for Warehouse Racking

Our rack prices were updated on January 29, 2021. The price of steel is very volatile at the moment, and therefore, our pricing is only accurate on the day this article was published and the calculator was created.

Pallet Rack Pricing

For this calculator we have used quick-ship pricing in California. That means that the racking is slightly more expensive because it is immediately available. If you were to order racking that ordered specifically for a project, the lot pricing might be slightly cheaper.

Additionally, the racking comes with seismic base-plates which adds cost. In many non-seismic parts of the country, the 5″ x 8″ baseplates or 8″ x 8″ baseplates would not be necessary. Therefore, the cost per frame might be slightly less.

Pallet Rack Installation Pricing

We have used pricing for installation based on our dedicated installation crew. The price for installing racking may be considerably higher, and possibly lower. Typically installation, rental equipment used for the installation, freight, and fees will cost anywhere from 25% to 35% of the cost of a project.

Freight to deliver Racking

We have used the weight of the racking as a guide for the total cost of transportation. We assume that each transport truck can carry 40,000lbs of steel and the weight of the racking will be greater than the cube of the components. Therefore, if the weight of the racking is less than 40,000 #, then we are estimating a single truck. We have allowed you to edit the freight cost in order to better estimate the entire racking project. If your racking supplier is nearby, you can reduce the freight to roughly $200 per hour drive to and from the factory via truck. If you are further afield, then a higher freight charge would make sense.

Permitting Racking California

The price to permit rack in California is not cheap. You can expect to pay for seismic calcs (engineering), High Pile storage permits, permit running, rack anchor inspection, and city fees. In other parts of the nation, racking may not need permitting at all. Contact us to find out if permits are required for your racking project in your area.

We have left permitting out of the cost of our default data and example rack project pricing because it can significantly impact the price of a project. Select “yes” for “permitting racking in California?” if you are unsure. It is better to be below budget than above.

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