Lean Inc is the master dealer for a variety of brands and products in the warehouse safety, productivity and supplies sector.

We represent the following brands:

  • Rack Armour – Guards made of ballistic-grade polymer with energy-absorbing foam that protects racking uprights.
  • Racksack – Hanging trash segregation bags for the warehouse, including Racksack for end-frames, Racksack Mini for Workstations and Racksack Nano for lift trucks.
  • Beaverswood and Brandsafe – 700+ SKUs including lean 5S products, floor signage and tape, label holders, and much more.
  • Dock Gap Guard – Cover the dangerous gaps in a warehouse’s OTR dock.
  • Absolute E-Z Up – Quality Italian-made small parts orderpickers (similar to a wave-picker) and stair climber.
  • Eoslift – Reliable and competitively priced material handling equipment – not reported to ITA.
  • Gondola Skate: Rental racking relocation system

Become a Lean Inc. Reseller

You can become an authorized reseller of the brands and products we represent in the U.S., Canada (and beyond) by contacting us at ted@leanmh.com or calling 1-888-310-0008 x2 and indicating your interest. We will provide further details and assets to help you get started.

About Beaverswood and Brandsafe

Rack Armour, Beaverswood, and Brandsafe are UK-based family of brands that offer an extensive line of warehouse optimization and safety products which have only recently been introduced to the North American market. Lean Inc. is the master dealer for the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

Once your company becomes an authorized distributor with Lean Inc. you can:

  • Sell Beaverswood, BrandSafe and Rack Armour products
  • Earn reseller discounts on list prices.
  • Hold stock or choose our dropshipping service.
  • Get listed as a dealer and have your social channels promoted. Plus get listed by U.S. state, ZIP code or Canadian province and postal code so customers can easily find you.

brandsafe, beaverswood, rack armour

How to Become a Beaverswood and Brandsafe Distributor

Interested in becoming a Beaverwood distributor? Contact Ted Gallardo at ted@leanmh.com or call 1-888-310-0008 x2 for further information and to discuss becoming a distributor for our branded product lines.

Download US and Canada Product Catalog

Download our product catalog here as a PDF file.

Featured Rack Armour and Beaverswood Products:

Here are a few of the products that Beaverswood produces that you can resell as a Lean Inc Distributor. See the full line in this PDF catalog.

rack armour

Rack Armour Upright Protection Guards

The Rack Armour® guards offer two levels of protection to racking in the warehouse. A patented ballistic-grade shell that deflects kinetic energy from forklifts. Inside, a foam core absorbs any remaining energy, reducing racking damage by as much as 80 percent.

rack sack

Racksack Space Saving Waste Segregation Bags

The Racksack® is a compliant, space-saving efficient way for businesses to segregate waste in the industrial workplace, including warehouses, manufacturing and commercial operations.

racksack nano

Racksack nano – Waste Bag for Forklifts and Pallet Jacks

The Racksack nano® is a waste bag that attaches to a forklift or pallet jack to provide an easy way to manage plastic strapping, shrink wrap and other trash on the go in the warehouse.

floor signs

56 Heavy Duty Floor Signs

These highly visible floor signs (56 styles) highlight warnings, safety alerts or special requirements. Printed on the underside of a tough clear plastic film and laminated with an aggressive adhesive for use in any busy industrial environment.

armco safety barrier ends

Armco Safety Barrier Ends and Corners

Armco safety barrier ends and corners enhance safety in the industrial workplace. These polymer barrier accessories by Beaverswood brand Visusafe are ideal for covering sharp-cut barrier ends.

floor marking tape

Floor Marking Tape for Lanes and Stairs – in 8 Colors and 2 Widths

This tough-wearing floor and lane marking tape can be used to mark stairways, color code walkways, workstations or storage areas in stores and warehouses. Plain and striped colours are available.


Floor Markers for Warehouse Pallet Positions: 6 Symbols, 6 Colors

These adhesive floor markers for warehouse, business and industrial use can highlight pallet areas, walkways and traffic flow. They are made using a thin plastic membrane and laminated and feature a strong adhesive to bond onto the floor surface, so they are resistant to the rigours of a busy warehouse and industrial environment.

See More than 700 SKUs in Our PDF Catalog – Download Now

See all our product line in our PDF catalog. Download now to see all the products. They include:

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