Want to move the rack in your warehouse? The conventional method is time-consuming, expensive, and difficult. Moving racking doesn’t have to be that way if you use the racking location system from Gondola Skate.

The conventional rack relocation method is to:
1) Unload the rack.
2) Unbolt the rack from the floor.
3) Disassemble the rack.
4) Move the racking components to the new location.
5) Reassemble the rack.
6) Rebolt the rack to the floor.
7) Reload the racking.

Using the Gondola Skate solution, here’s what you do:

1) Unload the racking
2) Unbolt the rack from the floor
3) Attach the rented wheel assemblies and move the rack to its new location
4) Rebolt the rack to the floor
5) Reload the rack

This rack relocation method uses less manpower, less time and eliminates rack disassembly and reassembly.

How much is the rack relocation system?

You don’t buy the Gondola Skate system. You rent it making it a cost-effective solution with no capital cost. Contact us for the latest rates for rental use in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Located outside North America? We can ehlp you as well. Email ted@leanmh.com.

Visual Guide to Moving Rack in a Warehouse

Rack Relocation System by GondolaSkate is a system to move rack in a warehouse safely and efficiently. GondolaSkate rack relocation systems are designed to move rack in a warehouse with minimum disruption. See below for photos of our easy rack-moving warehouse rack mobilization systems.

men moving rack in a warehouse
Racking in Amazon being relocated using GondolaSkate racking mobilization system

System to Move Rack in a Warehouse – GondolaSkate

See below for images of our Rack Relocation System by GondolaSkate. See how it is used to move rack and how warehouse workers attach the system to the racking uprights. Notice the system uses heavy-duty poly wheels attached to a collar that fits around the racking upright using two strong pins. Once in place and secured correctly, the racking is ready to be moved.

To calculate the cost of moving rack using the GondolaSkate rack mobilization system and using the standard disassemble=reassemble method, follow this link: Move Rack Calculator

Rack mobilization system attached to pallet racking upright
GondolaSkate rack moving system designed to safely and efficiently move rack in a warehouse

Attach the GondolaSkate wheels to the Racking Upright

Using the holes on either side of the pallet rack upright, a yoke fits around the upright post and is secured with two pins. This is how the system is engineered to move rack. By attaching it securely, the rack relocation specialist is now ready to start lifting the racking column up off of the warehouse floor.

Attaching device to assist with moving racking in a warehouse
Attaching the Gondola Skate device to assist with moving racking in a warehouse.

Moving the racking is easy once the wheels have been securely attached and the racking has been lifted off the floor. At this point a metal hook is used to loop into the rack mobilization system at the bottom.

metal hook inserted into loop on the bottom of rack mobilization system designed to move racking in a warehouse
A metal hook is inserted into the loop on the bottom of rack mobilization system in order to move the racking in a warehouse

Warehouse Worker Pulls Racking with Her Team

Coordinated with the team, all warehouse workers, using the metal hooks attached to the rack moving system start to pull the racking in the same direction to the new position in the warehouse. You can use the rack mobilization system to move racking to a new location, change its orientation or narrow aisle for more efficient use of warehouse space.

Woman moving racking using a rack mobilization system from GondolaSkate
Warehouse worker moving racking using a rack mobilization system from GondolaSkate

Calculate the Cost to Move Pallet Rack

There are two ways to move warehouse racking:

1) Disassemble in the original location the racking and reassemble it in the new location

2) PIck up the rack and move it using the GondolaSkate Rack Relocation System

You can calculate the price to move racking in the warehouse using our free online rack relocation estimator. Estimate the cost to move rack here.

Have a question about renting this Gondola Skate racking relocation system? Email us at ted@leanmh.com or call us at 1-888-310-0008 x2

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