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Rack Sack trash receptacle by Racksack® Blue.

This Rack Sack is a compliant, space-saving efficient way for businesses to segregate waste in the industrial workplace, including warehouses. The brand is Racksack® Blue. Resellers wanted – see below.

  • Easy collection of waste
  • Save floor space
  • Easy to fix, easy to remove
  • Hard-wearing and re-usable
  • Choose from a range of color-coded designs
  • Available in 14 text and 5 symbol-only designs
  • Other designs and special prints including logos are available on request

Racksack is the market-leading solution for waste segregation in the industrial work setting, providing a simple and cost-effective system that’s easy to implement. This innovative family of products will help you to be compliant with the current EU & UK waste segregation legislation. Designed to save valuable floor space and to simplify what can sometimes be a complicated and laborious process, enabling you to create a sustainable tidier, safer and more productive workplace. Made from strong, durable polyester that withstands the rigors of an industrial environment.


The Rack Sack family includes products that can be attached to warehouse racking, shelving, trolleys, roll cages, stillages, mobile steps and many more. Each warehouse application has a Racksack design:

Waste management problems are easily solved with the Racksack. Ideal for most warehouse racking systems, the Racksack quickly fixes to the end of your racking frame. The Racksack is designed for most racking and shelving systems between 900mm (35″) and 1100mm (43″) using the included S hooks; longer S hooks can be used to attached the Racksack to wider end-frames (48″ or greater). Once full, Racksacks can be removed and emptied with ease. The Rack sack has been thoughtfully developed so that it will not intrude into valuable warehouse space.


Traditional trash cans are not only an obstacle for forklifts to try to avoid, but they are also heavy, difficult to maneuver, and consume significant floor space.

Do the math. If the diameter of a standard 55 gallon trash can is 26 inches, the square footage of just a single trash can is equal to 3.687 square feet.

If the value of one square foot of the warehouse is equal to $10 per square foot, then the value of the space the traditional 55 gallon trash can consumes is $36.87 per year.

The 5-year space expense of a traditional trash can can be calculated as $184.35. Add to the space expense the acquisition cost of each traditional 55-gallon trash can, and the total cost of a single trash can in a warehouse is in excess of $288.


Compare this to the affordable price of a Rack Sack that consumes no floor space at all. Just simply suspend it from the end-frame of your pallet racking. Also available are Rack Sack minis that can be suspended from boltless shelving or work benches.

Need a smaller industrial trash bag? We also offer the Rack Sack Mini – ask us about this at

Without Rack Sack Hanging Trash Receptacle

Here is what it looks like when you do not have a Rack Sack.


Here is another example of a trash receptacle hanging on the end or a racking upright.

Hanging a trash bag from racking - Rack Sack is a better solution

Rack Sack is a better solution for organizing and collecting waste in a warehouse.

When hung, it has a large open mouth to easily receive waste, yet its tapered design enables it to hardly encroach into the floor area. Originally designed for the warehouse the Racksack’s flexible method of ‘S’ locator fixing means it can be hung over or hooked onto any substrate. That’s why the racksack has quickly established itself a place in other industrial areas such as factories, offices or anywhere where waste has become a problem.

Made from tough waterproof polyester, the Racksack can adequately withstand the rigors of an industrial environment.

Three strong handles are woven into the edge of the sack, one on each side for carrying and one on the base, so that the sack can be easily tilted from the base and emptied.

Available in 14 standard text designs and 5 international designs, including a blank sack, the racksack® can be used for almost any recyclable material. 


Dimensions – 39 inches / 1000mm high x 36 inches / 920mm wide.
Capacity: 160 liters / 42 gallons
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Handles at the sides and base are double stitched to tough woven polyester.

Each sack is supplied with 2 fixing hooks as standard. However, extra hooks can be purchased.

French and German versions are also available.

Weight0.92 kg / 2 lbs
Dimensions1 × 920 × 1000 mm / 36 x 39 inches
variationText Designs: General Waste, Mixed Card & Paper, Cardboard, Plastic Only, Plastic Strapping, Shrink Wrap, Mixed Recycling and Blank
Symbol Designs: Litterman Symbol – no text, Mixed Card & Paper – no text, Cardboard Only Symbol – no text, Plastic Only Symbol – no text, Shrink Wrap Symbol – no text
Bespoke/Custom Designs: Aluminum, Wood & Timer, Building Material, Electrical, Metal, Glass, Custom Your Design/Logo
variation otherPk 1, Pk 5, Pk 10


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The popular Racksack also is available in the Nano size for use as a mobile trash receptacle attached for powered industrial equipment (PIT) such as forklifts, reach trucks, order pickers, and pallet jacks.

A trash receptacle for use with forklifts, reach trucks, order pickers, and pallet trucks.  The RackSack Nano is attached to a forklift for convenient refuse collection in support of superior housekeeping in a warehouse or industrial environments.
A trash receptacle for use with forklifts, reach trucks, order pickers, and pallet trucks. The RackSack Nano is attached to a forklift for convenient refuse collection in support of superior housekeeping in a warehouse or industrial environments.

The Racksack Nano trash receptacle offers several benefits for use with material handling equipment like forklifts, reach trucks, order pickers, and pallet trucks in warehouse or industrial environments:

  1. Convenient Refuse Collection: The RackSack Nano can be easily attached to forklifts and other industrial vehicles, allowing operators to collect trash and debris as they move around the facility.
  2. Improved Housekeeping: By providing a convenient place for refuse, the RackSack Nano helps maintain a cleaner and more organized workspace, supporting superior housekeeping practices.
  3. Enhanced Safety: Keeping the workspace clean reduces the risk of accidents caused by debris on the floor, contributing to a safer work environment.
  4. Increased Efficiency: Operators can dispose of trash without having to leave their vehicles, saving time and money by increasing overall labor efficiency.
  5. Compact Design: The Nano’s compact size makes it ideal for use in tight spaces and on smaller vehicles, without hindering the vehicle’s maneuverability.
  6. Durable Construction: Made from sturdy materials, the RackSack Nano is designed to withstand the rigors of industrial use, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  7. Easy Installation and Removal: The receptacle can be quickly and easily attached or removed from vehicles, providing flexibility for different tasks and environments.
  8. Cost-Effective Solution: By integrating refuse collection into daily operations, the RackSack Nano can help reduce the time and labor costs associated with manual cleaning and waste disposal.
  9. Environmental Benefits: Encourages proper waste disposal and recycling, contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly workplace.
  10. Versatile Use: Suitable for various types of industrial vehicles, the RackSack Nano can be utilized in a wide range of applications, enhancing its overall utility in different settings.

Businesses Save Money with RackSack Nano – Forklift Mounted Trash Receptacles

A business can save money by using the RackSack Nano in several ways:

  1. Labor Cost Reduction: By enabling forklift and other vehicle operators to collect refuse while performing their regular duties, businesses can reduce the need for additional cleaning staff. This integration of tasks minimizes the need for separate cleaning shifts or dedicated personnel solely for trash collection.
  2. Increased Operational Efficiency: Operators can dispose of waste on-the-go without needing to stop their work and travel to a central trash collection point. This efficiency reduces downtime and maximizes productivity, leading to cost savings in labor and operational time.
  3. Decreased Maintenance Costs: Maintaining a cleaner workspace reduces the risk of damage to equipment from debris, which can lower maintenance and repair costs. A clean environment also extends the lifespan of machinery and vehicles.
  4. Enhanced Safety and Reduced Injury Costs: A cleaner work environment decreases the likelihood of accidents caused by tripping over or colliding with debris. Fewer accidents mean lower costs related to worker compensation, medical expenses, and lost productivity due to injury.
  5. Improved Housekeeping Standards: Consistent use of the RackSack Nano promotes better housekeeping practices, which can result in fewer disruptions and less need for extensive cleaning operations. This regular maintenance avoids the higher costs associated with periodic deep cleaning or emergency clean-ups.
  6. Sustainability and Waste Management: Encouraging proper waste disposal and recycling can lead to cost savings through more efficient waste management practices. Recycling can reduce waste disposal costs and potentially generate revenue from recyclable materials.
  7. Enhanced Employee Productivity: A cleaner, more organized work environment can boost employee morale and productivity. Satisfied and efficient employees can lead to improved output and lower turnover rates, reducing costs associated with hiring and training new staff.
  8. Regulatory Compliance and Avoidance of Fines: Adhering to safety and cleanliness regulations helps avoid fines and penalties from regulatory bodies. The RackSack Nano can aid in maintaining compliance with these regulations.

By incorporating the RackSack Nano into their daily operations, businesses can achieve significant cost savings through improved efficiency, reduced labor and maintenance costs, enhanced safety, and better waste management practices.


Buy trash receptacle for forklifts and pallet jacks.
Buy trash receptacle for forklifts and pallet jacks.

How can RackSack Nanos help with OSHA requirements?

The RackSack Nano can help businesses comply with OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) requirements in several ways:

  1. Housekeeping Standards: OSHA emphasizes the importance of good housekeeping practices in preventing workplace accidents and injuries. The RackSack Nano facilitates ongoing refuse collection, ensuring that trash and debris do not accumulate on the warehouse floor, thereby maintaining a cleaner and safer work environment.
  2. Prevention of Slips, Trips, and Falls: By providing a convenient way to collect and dispose of waste, the RackSack Nano helps keep walkways and work areas clear of obstacles that could cause slips, trips, and falls, which are a major focus of OSHA regulations.
  3. Improved Waste Management: Proper disposal of waste materials is crucial for meeting OSHA standards related to sanitation and hazard control. The RackSack Nano ensures that waste is collected and disposed of promptly and correctly, reducing the risk of environmental and health hazards.
  4. Vehicle Safety: OSHA requires that workplaces using powered industrial trucks, such as forklifts, maintain them in safe operating condition. By preventing debris from accumulating around these vehicles, the RackSack Nano helps reduce the risk of damage and accidents, contributing to overall vehicle safety and compliance with OSHA standards.
  5. Reduced Fire Hazards: Accumulated waste can pose a fire hazard, especially in industrial environments. The RackSack Nano aids in the regular removal of combustible materials, helping to mitigate fire risks and comply with OSHA fire safety regulations.
  6. Enhanced Workplace Organization: OSHA standards often include requirements for maintaining an orderly workplace. The RackSack Nano supports this by providing a designated place for waste, thereby preventing clutter and promoting a more organized and efficient work environment.
  7. Employee Training and Awareness: The use of the RackSack Nano can be integrated into employee training programs, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a clean and safe workplace. This aligns with OSHA’s requirements for employee training on safety practices and hazard awareness.
  8. Inspection Readiness: Regular use of the RackSack Nano helps maintain a consistently clean and safe environment, making it easier for businesses to meet OSHA standards during inspections. A well-maintained workplace can demonstrate a commitment to safety and compliance, potentially reducing the frequency and severity of OSHA inspections and penalties.

In summary, the RackSack Nano supports compliance with OSHA requirements by promoting good housekeeping practices, reducing hazards, improving waste management, enhancing vehicle safety, mitigating fire risks, maintaining workplace organization, and facilitating employee training and inspection readiness.

Buy trash receptacle for forklifts and pallet jacks.
Buy trash receptacle for forklifts and pallet jacks.

How do RackSack Nanos increase space efficiency in warehouses?

RackSack Nanos increase space efficiency in warehouses through several mechanisms:

  1. Compact Design: The RackSack Nano is designed to be compact and easily attachable to forklifts, reach trucks, order pickers, and pallet trucks. This means it does not take up valuable floor space, allowing more room for storage and operations.
  2. On-the-Go Waste Collection: By allowing operators to collect trash as they move through the warehouse, the RackSack Nano reduces the need for large, stationary waste bins that occupy floor space. This mobile waste collection system makes better use of the vertical and operational space available.
  3. Minimized Clutter: Consistent use of the RackSack Nano helps keep aisles and work areas clear of debris and waste. This minimizes clutter and frees up space that can be used more efficiently for storage and movement.
  4. Optimized Workflow: With waste collection integrated into the daily operations, the need for separate, dedicated cleaning times is reduced. This optimization allows for continuous workflow without interruptions, making the use of space more efficient.
  5. Reduced Waste Management Areas: Centralized waste collection points can be minimized or downsized because waste is collected directly by the vehicles. This reduction in the number of waste collection points increases the available space for storage and other activities.
  6. Enhanced Safety and Organization: A clean and organized warehouse layout improves the overall use of space. The RackSack Nano helps maintain this organization by ensuring waste is regularly collected and disposed of, preventing the need for extra space to manage disorganized waste.
  7. Flexibility in Layout: The ability to attach and detach the RackSack Nano easily means that warehouse layouts can be more flexible. The receptacles can be moved or reattached as needed without requiring permanent changes to the warehouse setup.
  8. Prevention of Waste Accumulation: By preventing waste from accumulating in work areas, the RackSack Nano ensures that all available space is used for productive purposes rather than being occupied by refuse.

By promoting a cleaner, more organized, and efficient workspace, the RackSack Nano contributes to better space utilization in warehouses, allowing businesses to maximize their storage capacity and streamline operations.

Buy trash receptacle for forklifts and pallet jacks.
Buy trash receptacle for forklifts and pallet jacks.

How do RackSack Nanos reduce forklift maintenance and repair costs?

RackSack Nanos reduce forklift maintenance and repair costs through several key mechanisms:

  1. Prevention of Debris Accumulation: By providing a convenient way for operators to collect and dispose of waste, the RackSack Nano helps prevent debris from accumulating on the warehouse floor. This reduces the risk of forklifts running over debris, which can cause damage to tires and other components.
  2. Protection of Forklift Components: Debris such as nails, metal scraps, and other sharp objects can cause significant damage to forklift tires, hydraulics, and undercarriage. Regular use of the RackSack Nano ensures these materials are promptly collected and disposed of, protecting the forklift from potential damage.
  3. Improved Visibility and Safety: A cleaner work environment means better visibility for forklift operators, reducing the likelihood of accidents that could result in damage to the forklift. By keeping the workspace clear of obstacles, the RackSack Nano enhances overall safety and reduces the chances of costly collisions and repairs.
  4. Enhanced Operational Efficiency: When waste is consistently managed and removed, forklifts can operate more smoothly and efficiently. This reduces the strain on the forklift’s engine and other components, potentially extending the lifespan of the equipment and reducing the frequency of maintenance.
  5. Reduced Risk of Fire Hazards: Accumulated waste, especially combustible materials, can pose a fire risk. Fires can cause severe damage to forklifts and other equipment. By helping maintain a clean environment, the RackSack Nano reduces the risk of fire hazards and the associated costs of fire-related damages and repairs.
  6. Minimized Downtime for Cleaning: Integrating waste collection into the daily operation of forklifts means there is less need for separate, dedicated cleaning times. This minimizes downtime and ensures that forklifts are available for use more consistently, reducing the indirect costs associated with equipment downtime.
  7. Lower Tire Wear and Damage: Debris on the floor can cause excessive wear and tear on forklift tires. By keeping the warehouse floor clean, the RackSack Nano helps reduce tire wear and the frequency of tire replacements, leading to cost savings.
  8. Reduced Need for External Cleaning Services: Regular use of the RackSack Nano for waste collection can reduce the need for external cleaning services or specialized equipment for debris removal, resulting in cost savings for the business.

By maintaining a cleaner and safer environment, the RackSack Nano contributes to reduced wear and tear on forklifts, fewer accidents, and lower maintenance and repair costs, ultimately leading to significant cost savings for businesses.

Buy trash receptacle for forklifts and pallet jacks.
Buy trash receptacle for forklifts and pallet jacks.