At Lean Inc., we have partnered with college professor and AI-training expert, Nicholas Walker, to develop a unique and truly revolutionary approach to employee online training.

A New AI-Powered Learning Platform

Train Socially is not just a leap forward in online learning; it’s a complete reimagining of how we engage with educational content. By harnessing the power of advanced AI, Train Socially offers a learning experience that is not only more effective and efficient but also genuinely enjoyable.

Engage Your Social Brain – Employee Training that Works

employee training - image of employees being trained
Employee Training in the Traditional Manner

Train Socially is built on the premise that learning is inherently social. We’ve integrated key social learning principles into our platform to ensure that learners not only absorb information but also retain it long-term:

  • Learn by Teaching: Preparing to teach others helps learners solidify their understanding and retain information.
  • Storytelling: Our content is crafted into engaging narratives because stories are memorable and relatable.
  • Social Context: We present information in human-centric terms, making it easier to understand and remember.
  • Micro-learning: Bite-sized learning modules lead to 20% better retention and a 28% faster learning process.

Curious about how these principles are applied? Check out our explainer videos for a deep dive into the pedagogy and technology behind Train Socially: Learn More.

Applications for Your Business – Train your Employees

Train Socially is versatile and can be applied to various employee training needs within your organization:

  • Employee Handbook Essentials: Ensure employees understand and remember critical company policies.
  • Safety Training: Maintain a safe work environment with up-to-date safety practices.
  • Sales Training: Equip your sales team with the latest strategies and knowledge.
  • EHS Training: Promote health and safety in the workplace.

Revenue Opportunity – Resell Training to your Customer’s Employees

Customers training onsite
Customers training onsite – now you can train your customers virtually

Using Train Socially’s online training platform, there is an opportunity for your business to resell custom training content, opening up new revenue streams. Train Socially’s LMS (Learning Management System) has an e-commerce option that allows you to create your own content and resell it to your customers, or resell rebranded content that Train Socially has created.

Experience the potential firsthand by visiting the Warehouse IQ Training Portal and watching our demo video.

With Train Socially, you’re not just adopting a new training platform; you’re investing in a more knowledgeable and engaged workforce. Interested in exploring what Train Socially can do for your company? Let’s connect and discuss the possibilities.

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