Welcome to the future of professional development and lean learning. Train Socially’s Online Training Platform, in partnership with Lean Inc., brings you an immersive and efficient training experience designed to elevate your team’s performance and productivity.

Revolutionizing Online Learning

Train Socially’s training platform is a testament to the power of technology in transforming how we learn and grow professionally. With a suite of interactive courses, real-time collaboration tools, and personalized learning paths, Train Socially ensures that every minute spent training is impactful and aligned with your training goals.

Train Socially is built on the premise that learning is inherently social. We’ve integrated key social learning principles into our platform to ensure that learners not only absorb information but also retain it long-term:

  • Learn by Teaching: Preparing to teach others helps learners solidify their understanding and retain information.
  • Storytelling: Our content is crafted into engaging narratives because stories are memorable and relatable.
  • Social Context: We present information in human-centric terms, making it easier to understand and remember.
  • Micro-learning: Bite-sized learning modules lead to 20% better retention and a 28% faster learning process.

Empowering Safety Managers: Warehouse IQ’s Innovative Online Training for Forklift Operators

As a safety manager, you understand the critical importance of compliance and the value of an empowered, well-trained workforce. Warehouse IQ, in partnership with Train Socially, is proud to introduce a cutting-edge Online Training Program for OSHA Forklift Safety and Battery Maintenance Best Practices.

OSHA Forklift Safety Training: A New Era of Digital Learning

The heart of warehouse operations lies in the safe and proficient use of forklifts. Recognizing this, Warehouse IQ has leveraged the expertise of Train Socially to create an online training curriculum that not only meets OSHA standards but exceeds them. This program brings comprehensive safety training directly to your team, allowing for flexibility and consistency in learning.

Why Online Training?

Online training with a social component - man trains on a computer with an attractive female mentor
Online training with a social component – man trains on a computer and is socially engaged
  • Accessibility: Training can be accessed anytime, anywhere, ensuring that shift patterns or location do not hinder your team’s educational progress.
  • Consistency: Each operator receives the same high-quality instruction, eliminating variability and reinforcing a culture of safety.
  • Engagement: Interactive modules and real-time assessments keep learners engaged and accountable. Train Socially engages the learner in a conversation for better information retention.

Battery Maintenance Best Practices

Alongside safety training, the program includes a specialized focus on battery maintenance training—a critical aspect often overlooked. Proper battery care ensures not only the longevity of your equipment but also the safety of your operators.

Join the Movement

Warehouse IQ and Train Socially invite you to be at the forefront of warehouse safety training. By choosing our online program, you are not just complying with regulations; you are inspiring a culture of continuous improvement and operational excellence.

Embracing Lean Principles

In collaboration with Lean Inc., known for their expertise in lean warehouse operations and consulting, this training platform embodies the essence of lean learning. Every aspect of the platform is designed to reduce waste and optimize learning efficiency, mirroring the core principles of Lean Inc.

Benefits of Train Socially’s Platform

  • Flexible Learning: Access courses anytime, anywhere, to fit your busy schedule.
  • Customized Content: Tailored training modules that cater to your specific industry needs.
  • Engaging Formats: Interactive sessions that keep you engaged and facilitate better retention.
  • Lean Integration: Training that incorporates lean methodologies for continuous improvement.

Real-World Success Stories

Discover how companies have transformed their training programs using Train Socially’s platform:

  • Warehouse IQ: An online material handling equipment store with an emphasis on lean warehousing has used the platform to create interactive, efficient, and fun training courses for sale to companies with constrained training budgets.
  • Case Study #1: A leading retail chain implemented Train Socially’s platform across its 300 stores, resulting in a 40% increase in staff productivity and a 30% reduction in training costs.
  • Case Study #2: A manufacturing firm adopted the platform for its management training, leading to a 85% improvement in information retention and a 90% uplift in overall employee training satisfaction.

With Train Socially’s platform, you’re not just learning; you’re optimizing your time and resources to gain the most value from your training efforts. It’s an investment in your team’s future and a commitment to excellence.

Take the Next Step

To learn more about how our online training can revolutionize your safety standards and operator efficiency, visit our website or contact us directly. Let’s raise the bar for warehouse safety together.

Experience the synergy between Train Socially’s innovative learning solutions and Lean Inc.’s dedication to efficiency and productivity. Enhance your team’s capabilities and drive your business forward with training that’s not just effective, but lean.

Are you ready to transform your training approach and achieve remarkable results? Contact Lean Inc. and learn more about our products and services.

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