Welcome to Lean Inc., where we specialize in transforming forklift and racking sales through our expertly designed Lean Material Handling Sales Training Course for sales of lean warehousing and materials handling. Our training is tailored for sales leaders who are eager to drive higher sales performance within your forklift and racking dealership.

Why Choose Lean Material Handling Sales Training Course?

Lean Warehouse Sales Training Course

Our program is built on the principles of lean warehousing and distribution center optimization. Lean Material Handling Sales Training Course is designed to help your sales team to:

  • Understand warehousing from the buyer’s point of view
  • Learn how to collect better information – more accurately with greater precision
  • Learn the terms and vocabulary to identify
    • Pallet load information
    • Racking information
    • Dock information
  • Learn how product moves from the ports to the warehouse and discover sales opportunities along the way
    • Ports
    • Receiving
    • Racking
    • Each picking
    • Consolidation
    • Shipping
  • Learn about the relationship between pallets and SKUs
    • Pareto’s Law
    • 80-20
    • Inventory turns
    • How to design racking based on the SKU-Pallet ratio
  • Learn about how to increase space efficiency
    • Wide aisles
    • Narrow aisles
    • Very Narrow aisles
    • Deep reach
    • Analysis of space by lift truck model
    • Compare storage costs to 3PL storage prices
  • Learn how to identify change in an operation and the new sales opportunities that change creates
    • Changes over time
      • Recognizing change
      • Engaging the customer when there is no apparent need
    • Problem recognition
      • Engaging the customer to help them understand their challenges
    • Evaluation of options
      • Option A, Option B – providing options
      • Assisting the customer to evaluate and eliminate options
    • Negotiation
      • Gambits
      • Counters
    • Project completion
      • Positioning for the next sale
  • Learn about Power and Motive Energy
    • Energy transformation – why are we changing?
    • Operational conversations – where to focus
    • Regulations and incentives
    • Energy definitions
    • Understanding Charging – Time, Space, and Current
    • How to read an electricity bill
    • How to read a propane bill
    • The cost of refueling – labor and energy
    • Decoding a battery model number
    • Designing battery charging that works
    • Calculate the cost of power and compare alternative power options
  • Learn about 5S
  • Learn about Orderpickers
    • How to spec an order picker
    • How to prospect for new order-picker sales
  • Learn about Reach Trucks
    • How to spec a Reach Truck
    • How to prospect for new reach truck sales

By integrating our training, your sales team will not only enhance their skills but also adopt a lean mindset that promotes efficiency and productivity in every interaction.

Features of Our Training Program

Lean Inc.’s Sales Training offers a comprehensive approach, including:

Our commitment to lean management ensures that your team will be equipped with the latest strategies and tools to excel in the competitive market of forklift and racking sales.

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Don’t just take our word for it. Many sales leaders have seen remarkable improvements in their operations after participating in our training. Visit our success stories to learn more about their experiences.

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If you’re looking to elevate your sales strategy and drive meaningful results, contact Lean Inc. today. Discover how our Lean Warehousing Sales Training can make a difference for your dealership.

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Thank you for considering Lean Inc. as your partner in achieving a leaner, more profitable warehouse operation.

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