General Warehouse Labor

Never mind the labor shortage, the cost of recruiting, training, retention and supervision is a challenge faced by every 3PL and distribution center in the USA.

Part of the challenge is the pricing structure for most traditional warehouse labor agencies.  The hourly rate plus markup model does not ensure productivity, only cost.

Our productivity based incentive model is proven to add value, productivity and retention.  Most companies find that our per case pricing eliminates:

  • Cost of training a new employee from a temporary agency
  • Cost of managing attendance and productivity of temporary employees
  • Cost of evaluating the temporary employees for performance
  • Inconsistencies in productivity and performance depending on the employee
  • Cost of employing temporary associates with poor productivity
  • Starting all over again with a new employee in case of turnover
  • Potential obligation to hire a temporary associate as a full-time employee

General Warehouse Labor Services Offered

Lean Warehouse Ideas

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