Warehouse Racking & Shelving

Warehouse with pallet racking and shelving - forklift moving pallets
Warehouse design is a science – use Lean professionals to engineer in productivity and storage density
empty warehouse - showing the warehouse floor, columns, trusses and roof
Planning new racking for your warehouse? Toyota Lean Management principles baked into every warehouse design

Whether you already have a lean warehouse design in mind or if you need assistance in selecting the best storage method, Lean Inc. Toyota trained lean management consultants can help.

Our unique approach to finding the most cost effective method of sourcing pallet racking and shelving helps. Therefore, warehouse professionals reduce the cost of their warehouse storage projects and increase storage efficiency and warehouse productivity.

Using lean principles learned at TOYOTA, Lean Materials Handling (LMH) is a sourcing, consulting, design, and installation resource for companies hoping to achieve lean warehouse operations.

In the TOYOTA world, everything has a place and everything is in its place.  We assist you in identifying how.  

Lean Inc consultants are Toyota Lean Management experts with over 20 years of TOYOTA training and experience.

As a result, we can help to repair warehouse rack, add rack to your existing storage system, find space efficiency in your current facility or help design racking for a new facility from scratch, using TOYOTA Lean Management Principles.

Calculators for the Warehouse

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