We have all heard of broadcast marketing. “Broadcast” literally means to be widely spread. First used in 1767 in reference to seed, as in “dispersed upon the ground by hand,” broadcast was later used in 1921 as a verb with respect to radio.

So what do we mean by “narrowcast” marketing?

Narrowcast marketing is the practice of communicating belly-to-belly. It means to talk one-on-one with your customers – individually – and offer them the opportunity to do business with you.

Here is a list of what narrowcast marketing is:

  1. Engaging one-on-one
  2. Creating rapport
  3. Doing something nice for the prospect
  4. Giving the prospect a chance to speak and be heard
  5. Inviting the prospect to consider opportunities
  6. Make requests only once rapport is created

Here is a list of what narrowcast marketing is NOT:

  1. Sending out meaningless marketing pablum
  2. Email blasts
  3. Standing on the street corner with a bullhorn
  4. Automated robo-call
  5. Pushy sales pitches
  6. One size fits all approach

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  2. LinkedIn Marketing Service – LinkedIn Marketing Campaigns
  3. For Company LinkedIn Pages – LinkedIn Company Page Makeover
  4. LinkedIn Social Media Content Creation and Posting Service

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