Calculate the increase in pallet storage capacity of the warehouse based on different aisle dimensions. Use this calculator to compare different warehouse racking designs based on the aisle requirements of various lift trucks.  4-Wheel Counterbalance Trucks require wider aisles than Reach Trucks.  Enter the tuck types and aisle widths to see how many more pallets you can store and the percentage increase in storage capacity the decrease in aisle widths yield in your warehouse design.

Someone has mentioned that you can store more pallets in your warehouse if you were to narrow your aisles. Sounds like a possibility, but before you do, you want to estimate how many more pallets you will be able to store in the warehouse when you narrow your aisles. What is the increase in warehouse storage capacity for each aisle width available. From wide forklift aisles to narrow aisles. to very narrow aisles, how many more pallets can you store in the space you already have?

Store More Pallets by Narrowing Aisles

This calculator will help you assess which aisle to use, which lift truck to use and what percentage increase in storage capacity you receive from narrowing your aisles.

How to Use the Calculator

Enter the length and width of the space you want to rack. Decide how many pallets wide you will store on the beam (usually 2 or 3). Select how many pallets deep you will store in your racking. Say how many pallets high you will store in your warehouse (floor + number of beam levels).

This calculator will compare the pallet storage by lift truck type based on aisle dimensions. Then it will show you the advantage of narrowing your aisles by using different forklifts.

DISCLAIMER: This calculator is offered for demonstration purposes only. For exact pallet storage numbers, contact us through the contact form on the right and we will provide you with an AutoCAD plan of your warehouse with exact numbers based on your column grid and egress plan.

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