Pallet Rack Installation in the Warehouse

Chances are you have outgrown your current warehouse storage plan. For a formal quote for racking installation services, click here to contact us.

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Every year, there are many changes that occur in the way your business operates, and most of them go unnoticed. We call this the whirlwind. It consumes us and distracts us all at the same time.

Newly installed pallet racking
New warehouse with pallet racking installed

Then, all of a sudden, there comes a realization that the accumulated changes to your warehouse operation have amounted to big shift in you business. You discover your storage space and pallet racking no longer meet your needs.

The usual response is to say, we need more of the same storage type to respond to the accumulated change. So you search the web or ask someone you trust, “Where can I buy more racking for my warehouse?

Then you create a plan. You say to yourself:

  • I need 14 more bays of racking
  • I need 3 more rows of those 14 bays
  • I need 3 beam levels in each of those bays
  • I need 2 row spacers tying the back to back racks together
  • I need 2 anchors per foot plate

So how many pallet rack components do I need?

We can help you with that. See below.

AutoCAD drawing of pallet rack with dimensions
Left: Front view of a 96″ bay of racking with 3 x 4″ beam levels. Right: side view of back-to-back pallet racking showing 48″ long pallets, 42″ deep upright frames, tied together with 2 x 12″ spacers creating a 6″ flue.

Pallet Rack Component and Installation Estimator

To receive an rough estimate (guide) of what racking components you would need and how much it would cost to install those racking components, enter your information in the grey input boxes below. The rough rack installation cost estimate is at the bottom.

Small print: There are many variables that go into rack installation costing. Therefore, all estimates are based on general industry pricing but may be different in your area. Use these numbers as a guide only. These numbers do not constitute a written proposal or a guarantee of pricing.

Pallet Rack Installation Company near me
Pallet rack installed in a warehouse
Newly installed racking in a warehouse cooler/freezer.

If you need a formal proposal for racking components or rack installation and would like us to sell and/or install racking for you, please fill out the contact-us form on the right hand side of this page and we will get back to you shortly.

By filling out the form below and clicking submit, we can email it to you. But first we will need you to fill out the contact-us form on the right-hand side so that we know who we need to send it to.

Pallet Rack Installation Cost Calculator


The Value of the Rack and Installation Calculator

Answer the questions using the drop down menus or just type in the information. Once you have filled in the information, you will see two pieces of valuable information:

1) The estimate of how many beams, frames, wire-mesh decks and anchors you need to buy (or have on hand)

2) An estimate of installation costs.

How to use the pallet rack and installation cost calculator

1) Need help with the racking terminology, scroll up to see the AutoCAD drawing of the racking.

2) Update the rack components quantities and installation costs by clicking “update”.

3) Start again by clicking “reset”

4) Print out your calculations by clicking “print”

5) If you want the rack component counts emailed to you, click “submit” and fill out the contact form on the right. Say in the message that you want a copy of your results. If you have clicked submit, we will see it and be able to send it to you.

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